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Oh, Palmerston.

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His resignation as Foreign Secretary is tempered by murmurs of his future prime ministership. No doubt his crooked grin and jaunty air shall adorn Buckingham Palace once more next season. Long-Suffering Duchess Sophie is not, it turns out, in an asylum, but a prisoner in her own home. Her sniveling husband with his too-small mustache is keeping her there and sends her regrets to court. I had hopes for Sophie and Joseph, but beyond some decent chemistry, the relationship has barely been developed.

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What the people truly want is for Lord Melbourne to come back from the dead and take Victoria away from Albert. Those people have a Tumblr tag. And it is Vicbourne. Not enough people are buying tickets and he is becoming more and more despairing. I hope no one comes to your lousy exhibition anyway!

Rhino poacher killed by elephant and then eaten by lions in South Africa, police say - CNN

But Victoria is not of that mind and instead offers to help ticket sales by opening the exhibition. Feodora is strolling in the park with her daughter Adelheid yes, real name when a pre-resignation Palmerston sidles on up to her and asks if her daughter would like to be Empress of France. England needs an alliance with Louis Napoleon to keep Russia at bay. So Feodora and her husband said no.

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Here it is much more machinationy , which is how things should be. A stressed-out Albert confronts Feodora and asks if she was talking to Palmerston after he publicly supported the new French government, and Feodora says oh, no, I mean, he definitely talked to me but I hated it, all of it, it was the worst, I am totally on your side, Albert, percent. Albert accepts this because he is dumb. Former Chartist rebel, now hairdresser to the queen, Abigail Turner hints heavily to Victoria that Sophie is not simply ill at home.

Muscle Man tells Pops not to worry, as he gives Pops a present shaped like a bottle. Pops opens it, and it turns out to be a bottle full of black liquid. Though fascinated, he becomes grossed out by its smell. Muscle Man then reveals that it's 20 year old ranch dressing, but he put in a bottle and gave it to Pops as a brand new "paperweight". This revelation makes Pops cry in despair. Back in the present, Pops completely changes his thoughts and demandingly asks a clerk for the most expired food product they have. At a camping store, Mordecai and Rigby gaze upon an object which isn't shown and suggest that they get it.

Timelapse of a dead Elephant being eaten

When Mordecai questions if this is too harsh, Rigby then reminds him of ta previous year. In another flashback, Mordecai and Rigby seen yelling in agony while wearing red sweaters that were given by Muscle Man.

Actions and Detail Panel

Muscle Man reveals that he put itching powder in their sweaters, which is shown by their incessant scratching while Mordecai cries that it got in his eyes. When the flashback is over, Mordecai changes his mind, claiming it's not harsh at all. The duo proceed to buy the object. Skips questions Benson if he wants to go through with this. This transitions through one last flashback to another previous W. After making numerous remarks about the gloves being comfortable, Muscle Man reveals that he made the gloves out of his old underwear.

Upon closer inspection, they are indeed made of underwear, making Benson shout in despair. That night, the W. Benson says that all of them are the worst, and commandingly tells the others to wrap it up while laughing like a crazed maniac. With the wrapping all done, the present looks like an oddly shaped object, and the others join Benson by laughing evilly with him.

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  • After a few seconds of laughing, they hear a knock on the door. The others stop their laughing and Benson goes to answer the door, where he finds Muscle Man carrying a large rectangular gift. From everybody's view, they all have the number 7. Benson then starts calling out the numbers, and they all pretend not to pick the false gift, and grab the other gifts, and they're revealed to be salad accessories, which means that the plan is going as accordingly.

    With every worker except Rigby and Muscle Man with a different salad accessory, it's now narrowed to the last two gifts. Benson calls out Rigby's number and he goes to open up Muscle Man's gift, which is revealed to be a new flat-screen TV. These words from the prankster makes everyone feel regretful about their actions. Muscle Man then proceeds to open up the false gift, and the instant he touches it, the other park workers get warped to a white temple in the unknown like the Regular Show title card where the find the White Elephant, a giant elephant who represents the spirit of the W.

    Gift Exchange. The White Elephant tells them they get to spent eternity at his temple, but are forbidden to open up the gifts shown.

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    Benson apologizes for their actions today, but asks why they're not allowed to get back at him. The vultures and two tawny eagles were found dead in one of the country's protected wildlife management areas WMA in the eastern Central District.

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    • Among the animals killed were white-backed vultures, 28 hooded vultures, 17 white-headed vultures, 14 lappet-faced vultures and 10 cape vultures. All are classified as either endangered or critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List. The scavengers have posed a long-standing problem for illegal poachers, making the birds particularly vulnerable to poisoning, according to the African Wildlife Foundation AWF.

      Botswana's return to elephant hunting won't solve any problems, ex-President says.