The Last King of Texas

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You bastard wind, blow! He talks to the weather, to the wind, to the storm, as if such elements of nature were his daughters. In the play, by losing his social identity, King Lear loses his mind and so does John Lear in the movie. In the morning after the storm, Henry finds him, but Lear does not recognize him.

Three of them. They make a man proud. The way they look at you with their eyes full of love, just shinning with love for their father. Then, the man who refused to help him shoots Highsmith and kills him; Susannah grabs a gun and kills the man, threatening all other servants who are in the room. Rebecca starts crying and screaming. Because of scenes such as these, it is perceivable that the idea of evil strong women is kept. They are all ambitious, harsh and cruel people, as are Goneril, Regan and Edmund in the original play.

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What has become of us? Rebecca firstly simply follows her sister, but near the end of the story she shows some regret. Thus, Susannah and Emmett represent the evilest people in the movie, for as the story progresses their characters become darker and darker.

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Henry is alone, in his porch, with a shotgun at hand; he points it at his head, but suddenly Thomas shows up and prevents him from committing suicide. Therefore, he is blind throughout the whole movie, first metaphorically and then literally, as is Gloucester in the play.

The women in the play even lead the army to the war with France, but in the movie adaptation, both Susannah and Rebecca stay at home, taking care of the house, while the men they hired go to the battle with Menchaca. Das , p.

He has given a comprehensive view of life with equal emphasis on both male and female characters. Their speeches are another example that language is not transparent. In the movie, there is also the aspect regarding redemption, as there is in the play, in which John Lear becomes a better person. It is relevant to point out that throughout the whole movie John Lear wears dark clothes, but at this moment, specifically in this scene, he is wearing a light garment.

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He thanks Rip for not abandoning him, gratitude that he had not previously shown towards anyone. While this is happening, Tumlinson arrives at home, but the men are already in the battle, so he goes after them to try to stop it. During the battle, Emmett is shot. Claudia goes after him and is shot, dying right after it. Tumlinson tells the men sent by his wife and Rebecca to hold their fire, so Menchaca does the same, while Lear appears through a gate holding Claudia in his arms. The same happens in the play with Cordelia and King Lear.

Rebecca sees her sister committing suicide and is taken captive.

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The unfolding of both stories, in the play and in the movie, breaks the stereotypical idea of family as being always connected to love. In both the play and the movie, language is indirectly discussed as a sociocultural product. Lanier , p. However, it is essential to assert that although the scenario, time and language are different, the main themes and ideas presented in the original play are kept, showing how universal Shakespearean themes are.

Shakespeare always approached in his works topics related to the human condition, that is, feelings, conflicts and complexities that compose the human nature and which, it must be underlined, are quite up-to-date themes. Prime University Journal. Bangladesh: Prime University, v. EDEL, Uli dir. King of Texas. United States: TNT, Journal of Education and Social Research. Rome: Gianluca Senatore, v. Shakespeare Studies. Boston: Associated University Presses, v. Shakespeare, v. King Lear.

The Last King of Texas

Edited by G. Harmondsworth: Penguin, Related Papers. By Bilal Hamamra. Rick Riordan. He is also the author of the acclaimed thriller Cold Springs and international bestsellers for young adults, including the Percy Jackson series. Rick Riordan lives with his family in San Antonio, Texas. I am an adult, but I love Riordan's youth novels.

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This is too heavy, but I would not slam it except for the language. I get very tired of hearing the same word over and over. What disappointed you about The Last King of Texas?

The Last King of Texas – Rick Riordan

What do you think your next listen will be? What reaction did this book spark in you? Anger, sadness, disappointment? Any additional comments?