The Cats Pajamas: And Other Stories

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Additionally, Bradbury had the talent of making the far-fetched seem normal. He wrote Changeling, Marionettes, Inc , and Punishment Without Crime before but the stories feel apropos today — at least in spirit. My favorite, I Sing the Body Electric was first published in but was a 3 rd season episode of the Twilight Zone in I am still amazed at how he saw the future as present and the problems of the day were the problems of the future.

Stories by Ray Bradbury. Another wonderful collection of stories by the inimitable Ray Bradbury.

Some were written many years ago, some written recently with the publication date. As I usually do with short story collections, I will highlight my favorites! Hail to the Chief — you know how Congress never gets anything done? What would you say if 13 Senators up and gambled away the United States? Well, I would say, at least they accomplished something! This story concerns a senatorial delegation who, in one drink and gambling filled night lost the country to a Native American Chief.

Great story. A Careful Man Dies — first-person story of a hemophiliac who goes to extreme lengths to evade the people set out to kill him.

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My favorites continue to be his other-world stories; sadly, there is only one in this collection A Matter of Taste. Reviewer: BobbieSue. Nothing to do with the book, but here are some cats in pajamas! The Golden Apples of the Sun a nd other stories. Ray Bradbury.


Subterranean Press, original , some stories are much older. This is a book of short stories by Ray Bradbury; it is a collection of some stories I have read in other collections, but most of them were new to me. As with all short story compilations, I will only mention the stories I found most compelling!

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A man, out walking at night, is arrested for out walking at night. Nothing else, just walking. Embroidery — 3 women sit on a porch embroidering, waiting, waiting, waiting for something to happen, something that may end them all.

Book Review: 2AM at The Cat’s Pajamas by Marie-Helene Bertino

The Fog-Horn — Two lighthouse keepers have an encounter with such deep loneliness that it nearly destroys them both. The Great Wide World Over There — a sad story, really, about a married couple who live in the country, have little to no contact with the outside world and are illiterate. The husband, Tom, is fine with it; but his wife, Cora, is desperate to know the world outside her valley and she longs to read and write.

This book was mostly about ordinary people going about their ordinary lives, some with extraordinary things occurring, most not. His writing, for me, is at his most brilliant and melodic when he is describing other worlds and extraordinary events. We read this book as a part of the Summer Reading Challenge: , a bonus book! Rating: 3 out of 5 paws because even though Mr. Reviewer: Toby. Other covers:. Review to the world!

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Email Like this: Like Loading We go back to Green Town in this book, the sequel to Dandelion Wine , and even though more than 50 years have passed for the world, it is remains the same summer for Doug and Tom Spalding. Calvin C. Her debut novel, 2 A. Filled with a quirky, eccentric, and captivating cast, 2 A. The city of Philadelphia is so integral to your story. Can you talk about place in terms of the novel?

You live in New York City, but grew up in Philadelphia.

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How has Philadelphia infused your writing? Sometimes what I have to detect comes from others, and sometimes it comes from me trying to take the easy way out. Either way, the detector comes in handy at key moments. I tell my students that knowing yourself is an integral part of the process of cultivating your own, idiosyncratic voice.

What helps the writer grow helps the writing. Conversely, the problems in the writer will show up in the writing. Or, if your interest is to impress them with what you know. When you are moving through the world with a calm, steady base, you can be more in the world.

“Cat’s Pajamas” By Mckenna Grace

Did you sing or play an instrument growing up? If so, what lessons from learning to sing or play an instrument do you find helpful as a writer? I sang in church here and there, and with my brother, who plays the piano.

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  5. It was important to my father that my brothers and I take at least six years of piano, because his brother, my uncle, was a jazz keyboardist. The only nice thing I can say about my playing is that it took so long for me to learn a piece, that by the time I did, it was memorized. In the final stages of the book I took guitar lessons.

    THE CAT'S PAJAMAS & OTHER STORIES | James Morrow | First edition

    I loved it. Can you talk about how music or choreography influenced your structural choices in this novel? Though writing has always been my first love, I grew up dancing and singing. In college, I painted nursery murals to make money. I was a music writer for a few years when I first moved to New York. There was a time in my life hold me that I considered making a living by directing for the stage.

    Every one of these things shapes the way I see a line, and the space around a line. They do triple work. They are a deliberately misleading moment of calm before the story erupts. They somersault and listen to their own internal rhythm, and in that way they pre-reflect every person we come across in the story. Finally, when we first meet Mrs. Santiago, she is sweeping the snowflakes from her stoop, but they are refusing to land.

    When you think of how Mrs. Santiago ends up in the story, you will hopefully see the symmetry. These are ideas I learned not only from literature, but from dance, art, theatre…. How do holidays work as a setting or anchor in your fiction? Thanksgiving and autumn are my most creatively fertile times of the year.