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Orchestrate your full DR system of record, automate repetitive tasks, work across silos and tools, reduce errors, facilitate process testing and reduce resource requirements.

The ability to integrate with almost anything. The wide array of integrations that can be achieved with the product. The ability to take the Swiss Army tool approach with OO to embed our business processes into automation allows efficiency. It helps us drive out where inefficiency lies and allows us to focus the high-value human resources on more important and challenging problems.

Operations Orchestration is a perfect tool to integrate all software products. This gives us a chance to provide end-to-end automation in IT.

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What is application orchestration?

Contact Us Demo. Demonow URL Orchestration. Application Highlights. Use activities to automate tasks from third-party products Use activities to automate tasks from third-party products.

Create reusable activities and publish them to the database Create reusable activities and publish them to the database. Feature Details All. ROI Calculator. Activities and Applications. Password Reset. Client Software Distribution. Orchestration is the automated configuration , coordination, and management of computer systems and software. Orchestration is often discussed in the context of service-oriented architecture , virtualization , provisioning , converged infrastructure and dynamic datacenter topics. Orchestration in this sense is about aligning the business request with the applications, data, and infrastructure.

The main difference between a workflow "automation" and an "orchestration" in the context of cloud computing is that workflows are processed and completed as processes within a single domain for automation purposes, whereas orchestration includes a workflow and provides a directed action towards larger goals and objectives.