Mary Berrys Supper for Friends: Impressive, Easy-To-Prepare Dishes for Informal Entertaining.

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I would keep it simple and to the point. I love grilling veggies, once ready you add a bit of salt and olive oil. They pair perfectly well with the meats. Its the perfect cocktail for a barbeque, and is made of three equal parts of each drink. As well, beer and wine, the key protagonists for the foods.

I like to chill them in a bucket of ice. For non-alcohol drinkers, I prepare a hibiscus lemonade with soda , it works pretty well. And last but not least, the decoration is an important part of a barbeque party, it creates a charming environment. Usually, I go to a local shop to get some fun stuff.

I love using a colorful tablecloth, stock a side table with fruit plates, sauces and drinks, buy funky paper glasses for soft drinks. At home, I have a wheelbarrow which I fill with ice to chill the drinks, it impresses guests. Also, I prepare bottles of water with fruits or herbs, they look nice and the water tastes awesome.

When planning the menu for a BBQ party, we always include meat. Therefore, you should think about the delicious vegetarian meals that they would enjoy eating. Vegetarian kabobs are really easy to make and are full of so much flavor. Choose seasonal products such as tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, zucchini, and peppers. Cut the onion and the peppers in the same size.

Remember that all the veggies will have to cook evenly. In fact, veggie kabobs are great for everyone and all of your guests will love them, so make sure to prepare more of these. If you want, you can go for a classic recipe or use the occasion to experiment with new flavors. You can even make two types of burgers — a meat one and a vegetarian version, which your guests would love. This will make them crunchy and your burgers will taste delicious.

Make your own homemade BBQ sauce. As a result, the meals will taste really good. Remember the salad! A combination of fresh produce and herbs will definitely make a difference on your BBQ table. Chop some cucumbers, tomatoes, onion and parsley to make the easiest summer salad.

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Feel free to offer several refreshing options to your guests. Make some fresh orange juice and strawberry and mint infused water for any little guests. Adults will definitely enjoy these, too, but you can whip up a cocktail or two for them as well. Use fresh produce and herbs from your vegetable garden or the store to decorate your delicious drinks.

What Are Tapas?

The taste of homemade food and beverages is second-to-none and will definitely impress everybody. Get creative and make infused water, fresh juice and easy cocktails for your friends and family to enjoy. Scatters leaves through the table or mix it with your drinks, hang it around the area, or use it to decorate your dish. What is a BBQ party without some flowers to make your food table more special and appealing? In fact, you can just DIY it using beautiful flowers from your garden that you can arrange in various ways. You can also keep mosquitoes at bay by using herbs!

8 Best Recipes For A Dinner Party

There are several herbs that can help you repel those insects while entertaining outside, such as sage, lavender, lemon balm, etc. The BBQ should be well-maintained and cleaned properly before or after each season to make sure you prepare healthy and delicious food every time. It can be a tedious job, so if you are not willing to tackle this task, better leave it to a professional. Barbecues call always for a huge amount of meat and bread and not enough veggies or healthy dips to balance the meal. There are so many great vegetables and fruits that can be grilled, including sliced zucchini, portobello mushrooms, vegetable skewers, sliced peaches, etc.

I might even ask each of my friends to bring their favorite fruit or vegetable and see if we can grill it! Then, I would keep the drinks and decor simple. I like to serve kombucha for a healthy bubbly option, and then use plants from my house to decorate my patio. I also like to use outdoor twinkly lights on my patio to give some great atmosphere when the sun goes down. When planning a BBQ plan on serving food be prepared ahead of time and make sure that guests can serve themselves. I like to have everything prepared and laid out, so when the party comes around I only have to eat, enjoy, and socialize.

No one wants to see a frantic, frazzled host!

40 Easy, Elegant Christmas Dinner Ideas With Recipes | Real Simple

As far as main dishes, marinated chicken breasts, burgers, or kabobs can be cooked quickly , served in rounds, or kept warm in a low oven. Make ahead side dishes such as potato salad, coleslaw, pasta salad, or broccoli salad are perfect options because the flavor develops when prepared in advance. Jello salads are always a hit with kids and adults alike and use different flavors or colors to adapt to the theme. When I have a party approaching the first thing I make is dessert because virtually all cakes, brownies, and cookies can be frozen.

Uncut brownies, baked cookies, and frosted cakes store perfectly in the freezer. For cakes, the frosting provides an extra protection layer. The day of the party simply set the frozen dessert on the counter, thaw a few hours, cut, and serve when needed. If I had to throw a barbecue party tomorrow, I would focus on big, easy sides that will serve big groups with less prep time required.

Easy dinner party recipes

For drinks, I love serving a big batch of iced tea because not many people go throw the effort of serving it themselves. Some ideas that come to mind are gourmet tea sandwiches of all varieties , burgers including turkey and veggie with mozzarella, pesto Caprese salad, and some baked chicken nuggets.

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Dips, cheeses, and cracker options are always a must, but if you can make homemade original dip options that earns you even more brownie points. Decorations would include picnic themes like checkered tablecloths, menu boards, fresh flowers, table setups, and fun games to keep guests entertained during the event. When planning a barbecue party, I always recommend including foods and drinks that can be made ahead of time to go along with your freshly grilled items.

This helps you spend less time inside the house preparing food and more time outside enjoying your party! Foods like potato salad or cornbread can all be made in advance and served when ready.

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Making these cocktails in a batch and keeping them in a large pitcher or drink dispenser also allows guests to easily grab another drink when they need it rather than having to make each one individually. Depending on who will be attending your party, you could also offer pre-made mocktails for those who do not drink alcohol. Try mixing up some fresh fruit with sparkling water and a splash of fruit juice for something refreshing and more interesting than plain water or soda.

When it comes to food and at a BBQ Party I will often choose the simplest things to prepare that are often pleasers among crowds. This will often include, burgers, sausages, steaks, chops etc. I will prepare basic side dishes to accompany ie other burger fillings, salade, coleslaw, fruit, chips, dip.

The last thing I will do is tell the guest to bring something along with them if they can, whether it is a side dish, a drink, snacks or meat — this cuts costs and ensures that there is something everyone is going to enjoy. Drinks I will supply juice, sodas, cordial — other than that is is usually BYO, otherwise, it can become too difficult to cater to everyone. This is often debatable for me, I can either take it or leave it as a BBQ Party is usually thrown to spend time with friends and family for a celebration or just a catch-up.

Simple things from table cloths and a few strings of fairy lights are my go to. It is simple, yet effective. I love picking themes for gatherings, including last-minute barbecue parties. Themes help give me a focus and makes the moment more memorable. I absolutely love planning parties! This allows the barbecue to go on even if it rains and gives your guests the option of sitting in the air-con when it gets too warm since summer is approaching. The decorations would then draw inspiration from the feel of the venue. Of course, there would also be ice cold beers and kid-friendly drinks like soda if there are kids.

For those who are extremely hungry, there would be some readymade sides such as fries and coleslaw to cut the waiting time. Depending on the occasion, I might include a dessert table as well! Lastly, to complete the entire party experience, there would be some classic age-appropriate games and activities such as the limbo, beer pong and bingo!

Drinks — Spa waters to sit in the fridge and chill overnight cucumber, lime, mint ; — Herbaceous lemonade and limeade, splashed with homemade vanilla to smooth out the tart citrus notes basil, mint, cilantro. Summertime is all about fresh, fun and light.