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With rises in the use of non-metallic minerals within infrastructure and construction, there has been significant improvement in the material standard of living. Humanity must therefore rely on 0. Humankind is polluting water in rivers and lakes faster than nature can recycle and purify More than 1 billion people still do not have access to fresh water.

Overcoming the barriers

Excessive use of water contributes to the global water stress. Water is free from nature but the infrastructure needed to deliver it is expensive. Despite technological advances that have promoted energy efficiency gains, energy use in OECD countries will continue to grow another 35 per cent by Commercial and residential energy use is the second most rapidly growing area of global energy use after transport.

In the motor vehicle stock in OECD countries was million vehicles 75 per cent of which were personal cars. A 32 per cent increase in vehicle ownership is expected by At the same time, motor vehicle kilometers are projected to increase by 40 per cent and global air travel is projected to triple in the same period.

This chart shows the shift in global purchasing power | World Economic Forum

The share of renewable energy in final energy consumption has reached Food While substantial environmental impacts from food occur in the production phase agriculture, food processing , households influence these impacts through their dietary choices and habits. This consequently affects the environment through food-related energy consumption and waste generation. Land degradation, declining soil fertility, unsustainable water use, overfishing and marine environment degradation are all lessening the ability of the natural resource base to supply food.

They're also waiting longer to have children. Never say never Millennials may be putting it off, but polls have shown they do want to have their own families some day. Source: Pew Research Center.

Global EV Outlook 12222

The hierarchy of needs The renter generation. Source: Goldman Sachs Fortnightly Thoughts intern survey, The Renter generation A growing percentage of older millennials are choosing to rent, not buy. Source: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Beyond the brand The power of social Clicking to buy Searching for value. Beyond the brand When marketing to Millennials, a strong brand isn't enough to lock in a sale. Strongly agree Tend to agreee Tend to disagree Strongly disagree Don't know.

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The Power of Social If brands are shrinking in importance, social media is growing. Clicking to Buy Unsurprisingly, the generation that lives online, buys online. Purchased something on the internet the last 12 months, UK. Login to download.

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This radical plan would see the U.S. build 12 million new units of social housing

Already have an account? Far from being a closed market, setting up shop in China is not as daunting as you might think. How small businesses can achieve global trade success with the 21st century silk and spice routes. It's a lucrative and growing market, but how do you access the spending power of China's millennial population? How to import and succeed as an SME in the world's largest economy.

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