Creative Wooden Boxes from the Scroll Saw

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And with a handy getting started section that includes information to ensure success, new scrollers will learn how to choose wood, blades, to transfer patterns and more. Experienced scrollers will find useful information to customize patterns and to create their own patterns from personal photographs. New realistic patterns include a playful scene of 4 cats, a smart beagle, a lovely cairn terrier, a soulful American cocker spaniel, a fun rough collie, an alligator, adorable panda bear, Frisian pony, caribou, sly red fox, bison and others - each with full color photographs of the finished puzzles.

Techniques for dressing up woodworking projects with a scroll saw. This guide to scroll saw art and inlay work includes step-by-step photographs and instructions for pieces such as the Pine Candle Shelf and Cowboy Magnets. Western-themed projects for making card holders, coasters, ornaments, and magazine holders highlight techniques for inlay work and shadow effects. Patterns include cowboys, cowgirls, wildlife, and ranch animals of the Wild West. Drawing on a deep love of the East and the outdoors, Wyoming artists Joe and Paige Paisley have created a distinctive look in Western style wood projects.

Inside this first book, the Paisleys share their techniques for doing beautiful inlay work - quickly and easily on the scroll saw. You simply will not believe the quality made possible as you follow their instructions. This book is also a treasure trove of patterns and designs for Western style scroll work - fretwork, relief, Christmas ornaments - and more! From delicate fretwork jewelry boxes to creatively shaped one-of-a-kind pieces that hold everything from poker chips to flags, you'll discover projects to inspire your creativity no matter what your level of scrolling expertise.

You will be treated to the work of artists such as John A. Along with their beautiful designs, you'll find expert step-by-step instructions along with all of the crisp photos, detailed patterns, and tips and techniques you will need to guarantee box-making success.

Creative Wooden Boxes from the Scroll Saw: 28 Useful & Surprisingly Easy-to-Make Projects

Chess pieces and their boards are a thing of beauty that serious players often like to display around their home. The 15 one-of-a-kind designs in this book are sure to become conversation pieces, like the Berlin, with its vertical board that mounts to the wall. Other patterns in the book are inspired by the beautiful cities of Paris, San Francisco, and Venice. From classical to modern these chess sets will be cherished for years to come for their heirloom quality and high level of craftsmanship.

The author's use of exotic woods, and interesting designs are sure to inspire woodworkers, chess players and scroll saw enthusiasts alike. A collection of 31 clocks hand-selected from 8 years of the 1 magazine for scroll saw woodworkers. In addition to patterns, you'll find tips and techniques for cutting, finishing, and assembling, as well as inspiration for designing your own timepieces.

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Choose a project that suits your current abilities or build your skills by working your way up to the more advanced projects. Handmade clocks make wonderful gifts and are popular items at arts and crafts fairs! Projects are divided into beginner, intermediate beginner and advanced beginner, this book includes step-by-step instructions, over 20 patterns with photos, material lists, and tips to help you turn multiple pieces of wood into a stunning work of art.

Scroll saw project "Solar Flair" - wooden geometric sculpture. Free pattern

Kathy's progressive teaching style offers something for anyone working with inlaid wood. The lessons cover the basics and describe details to look out for like the nuances of working with multiple shades of wood or the best way to create color breaks. But, thanks to cake-decorator-turned-woodworker Carole Rothman, you can create amazing bowls, vases, candy dishes, and jars with just a flat piece of wood and your scroll saw.

Her easy-to-master techniques and clean patterns will quickly take you from basic bowls to beautifully laminated pieces. You'll learn how to work with thin wood, contour with sanding, and create a variety of different shapes. With 28 projects to try, a useful guide on choosing the proper wood and supplies, and a section to help you create your own designs, this groundbreaking book is a must-have for any crafter or scroll saw enthusiast who wants to make stunning and useful works of art.

Great for alternative bowlmaking. No lathe? No Problem! You can still create some magnificent looking bowls through the use of your scroll saw. The author has put together 28 beautiful and utilitarian bowls, vases and baskets using only the scroll saw.

Fox Chapel - Creating Wooden Boxes on the Scroll Saw

Carole Rothman, a psychologist and retired college professor shows how surprisingly easy it is to create these laminated bowls from scratch. Inspiring work that is hard to believe was done on a scroll saw. A scrollsaw is probably not the first machine you would think of, if you wanted to make bowls. But, as the author of this book shows, some very attractive and innovative bowls can be made with a scrollsaw.

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Approximately the same method is used for making all 2B bowls. The worktable of the saw is set at an angle and the bowl cut out in horizontal strakes which generally grow larger towards the top. The bowl is completed by a solid bottom. When all of the strakes and the bollom are finished, they are glued together and the bowl is finish sanded using, where possible, portable sanding equipment and a spindle sander. The first bowl is a simple circular shape, but the second begins to demonstrate the design freedom inherent in the technique. Called an Eight-Petal Bowl, it has a wavy form that nevertheless tapers from top to bollom.

The most striking of the bowls are, however, those which are made using laminations and multi-angle shapes. The latter part of the book is devoted to Think Outside the 60wl- an exploration of vase and jar making using the same techniques. The minimum presentation for each project consists of a photo of the finished bowl, the drawings necessary to cut oul the shapes, instructions and a guide to materia and tools. The more complicated projects are given a larger amount of space with detailed instructions and stage by stage photographs.

Since the methods used are relatively simple, there is no reason why this book should not appeal to the novice, while the attractive and useful projects should hold the interest of the more experienced. I had the opportunity to review one of the best How-To woodworking books I've ever read.

Carole Rothman makes a seemingly impossible task utterly simplistic through her many step-by-step bowl, jar and vase projects in Wooden Bowls from the Scroll Saw. I was impressed with how detailed each project in the book was so intricately laid out and explained, but what really made me fall in love with Carole's how-to writing style, was that she must have her beginner readers' best interests in mind. In the first chapter she discusses the pro's and con's of several species of wood and encourages the woodworker to try other types also.

Carole discusses all of the possible tools needed and how to use them. She even includes templates for how to build your own bowl glue-up clamps. This book has taken me on a journey to learn something that I would never have thought possible on just a scrollsaw This book is absolutely a must whe you have a desire to mak a bowl or urn or what ever. My first project was made inless than 3 days for a Wood Craft Art Show. I Choose a hard one to start with the Tweed Pattern Bowl. This bowl won a second place ribbon.

The Judge was such a critic of the show. No other bowls won a ribbon. I recieved the only ribbon for wooden bowls.

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Carl Harden Boise Id. First Carole, let me say that I love your book. I have a basic bowl in poplar waiting for the round sander to arrive so I can finish the inside. Thanks to your crystal clear instructions in both the book and the video it was very easy.


I have a shelf full of wood working books and this is one that I will use frequently. Many woodworking books have indecipherable instructions and pictures and drawings that are useless. I could not find one instance where I couldn't understand what you were saying in minutes. Wooden Bowls from the Scroll Saw Fox Chapel will surprise readers with its collection of projects that look like they were painstakingly turned on a lathe. Instead, these handsome bowls, vases, dishes and jars were made easily with just one affordable tool - the scroll saw.

Using a simple method of cutting a concentric set of rings, Carole Rothman, a former teacher and award-winning cake decorator, can achieve the same graceful form and beauty usually found in lathe-turned objects. Looking for a new project to use some of those wood samples on? No need for that here: just a flat piece of wood, a scroll saw and the desire, common among woodworkers, to go to the shop and make something out of wood.

Scroll-saw work usually results in straight cut pieces such as those for jigsaw puzzles. Rothman has devised her own method of making slanted cuts by tilting the saw table. Progressively smaller pieces are cut, stacked, and glued to form bowls resembling those turned on a lathe. Projects include pieced designs using different woods. The surprising part about this book is that the featured projects look like they were painstakingly turned on a lathe. Instead, these bowls, vases, dishes and jars were made easily with just one affordable tool - the scroll saw.

Using a simple method of cutting a concentric set of rings, Rothman, a former teacher and award-winning cake decorator, shows readers how they can achieve the same graceful form and beauty usually found in lathe-turned objects. She walks readers step-by-step through choosing the appropriate wood, cutting rings with a pattern, drilling entry holes, stacking and gluing the rings together, sanding and finishing. Projects include basic stacked bowls, in addition to more challenging designs using laminated woods, bowls cut from multiple angles and thin wood bowls.