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At that point the ball vanishes and Bloom collapses, dead. There is a mysterious hole drilled completely through his chest.

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Central to the story is the concept of a pure anti-gravity machine that turns out to be a perpetual motion machine of the first order. Energy can be freely created in a volume of space time which is pulled "flat," as defined within the Theory of Relativity as determined by Einstein. However, this field possesses remarkable properties, which are the centerpiece of the story: any object which enters the field is reduced to zero mass, and hence must assume the speed of light.

There is also the unprovable speculation as to whether Priss knew, from his own theory and the nature of the blue glow produced by the field possibly due to Cherenkov radiation , what would happen, and if he then directed the ball in such a way as to kill Bloom.

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Asimov himself had some reservations about the name of the story, and noted that his friend Frederik Pohl 's suggested title of "Dirty Pool" was far better than his own. The story retains its title despite the feeling of its author, as he preferred to remain consistent.

The white men of the media are hardly facing annihilation

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Too heavy to launch down the field. Not because of what it looked like, or how it felt. But for what it represents. And when we had a four-week break a couple of years ago, we wanted to do more than just take a vacation. We wanted to do something important — something where we could use our platform to spread the game of soccer and have a meaningful impact on others.

We knew we wanted to do something internationally, but we had no idea where we wanted to go, or where to even start. Then, an opportunity came up through the U. State Department to take advantage of a sports diplomacy program in conjunction with the embassy in Tanzania.

Courtesy of Alex Morgan. The goal was to talk to kids at schools there and to conduct soccer clinics.

Our Story - Ball and Hoolahan

But, having never been to Africa, we had no idea what to expect. Most of the drive was across flat, dry desert.

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The main road from the airport was paved, but once you got off that the roads were made of dirt and mostly lined with brown and gray brush. There was very little green. Most of the cars on the road were these old Mercedes Sprinter vans, each painted with a different theme. One was USA-themed. Another had the Jamaican flag on it. One was painted in Real Madrid colors with Ronaldo on the side, and another in Barcelona colors with a picture of Messi. One even had Elvis on it. I asked our driver about the vans, and he said that they were for public transportation.

Each van had a route, like any normal bus would, and most people used them because very few people owned cars. We spent six days in Tanzania. Our first destination was in the northern region — the Monduli district of the Arusha region.

We met with kids at the Orkeeswa secondary school. For some of those kids, it was the only soccer ball they had ever known. Monduli is home to very traditional African villages. Their homes are more like huts, made out of sticks or cow dung. The people dress colorfully and sell bracelets and other handmade jewelry to tourists and visitors.

Lucille Ball influenced more than you think

They have no running water and there is little or no opportunity for any type of higher education. We saw the same passion when we left Monduli and went to Dar es Salaam, the most populous city in Tanzania, and Zanzibar, an island off the Tanzanian coast.

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And with each new stop, we experienced kids who faced different obstacles.