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The Life of St. Patrick: An Inspiration for Missions

This statement would appear to indicate that the evangelistic success of Patrick, and his spiritual heirs in the Celtic Church, was a source of encouragement to Carey. Patrick was born around AD in a place that was a part of the Roman Empire. He was born into a Christian home in what is now Wales, or southern Scotland, or possibly even England to the horror of every loyal Irish patriot.

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When he was sixteen years of age he was taken captive by Irish pirates and, as a slave, lived in Ireland for the next six years or so. When Patrick was in his twenties, he escaped from captivity in Ireland and went back to his home in what had been the Roman province of Britannia.

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Here he would have stayed, glad as he was to get back to his family and friends. But not long after he got back, he had a dream in which he saw the Irish coming to him, asking him to return to Ireland to presumably share with them the good news about Jesus Christ. Patrick returned to the north of Ireland in the early s, where he stayed for the rest of his life. This text reveals a man who has a deep certainty of the will of God for his life: to live out his days in Ireland so that the Irish might come to know God as he had done. His ministry in Ireland was extremely successful, though he certainly had not evangelized the whole of Ireland by the time of his death, which was around AD.

His missionary labors, however, were not without strong opposition, presumably from the Celtic Druids in Ireland.

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An organized and convenient introduction to the church fathers from AD to Haykin surveys a number of church fathers, outlining their roles in church history and their teaching on a number of topics. There was not only external opposition, though. Did the Church in the West regard the barbarians as somehow less than human and therefore beyond the pale of evangelism? Which is a pity, because Palm Sunday and St.

Patrick's Day will not coincide again until the year Patrick shares his feast day with St. So not a lot of competition there.

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Patrick first came to Ireland at the age of 16 as a slave - captured by Irish pirates. By: Jack Beresford. By: Harry Brent.

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By: Rachael O'Connor. Share this article:. Photo: RollingNews. Shamrock is traditionally associated with St Patrick's Day. Ireland is one of the few snake-free places in the world Picture: iStock. Easter hot cross buns. Join our community for the latest news: Subscribe.

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