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That being said, French is ubiquitous throughout the country.

Oftentimes, you will see French words used instead of their Arabic counterparts. Most people in Morocco know some common words in Tamazight, such as aman for water and aghroum for bread. Here is a quick list of the most-common differences in pronunciation between fusHa and Darija Moroccan Arabic letters:.

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Moroccan Arabic is renowned for its incomprehensibility to the rest of the Arab world. The cadence of the language tends to mush consonants together by removing short vowels within words. This produces a snappy, staccato form of Arabic that takes some time to adjust to. Darija words are rendered by putting a sukkun over the first letter of most words and stressing the second syllable.


In these cases, the miim in front of the word sounds more like a hum that leads into the next consonant. This word carries the possessive pronoun instead of the noun.

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The following chart shows how the pronouns attach themselves to this word:. Please note the difference below:. Also note the pattern of stressed and unstressed patterns in the verb forms i.

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Or, you can just add a ghayn to the beginning of any present tense verb:. Darija also includes the option of adding a sheen at the end the word following the negating particle:.

We can provide a personalized quote within 20 minutes during business hours. History The history of Morocco is one of competing colonization and cultural mixing. Contact us []. Mohamed Maamouri is a retired professor of linguistics at the Manouba University in Tunisia and a retired senior researcher and research administrator at the Linguistic Data Consortium at the University of Pennsylvania, where he directed the Arabic Treebank Group and the development of Arabic lexical resources and projects.

He specializes primarily in Arabic computational linguistics and Natural Language Processing, Arabic literacy and reading, language development, language planning, corpus linguistics, educational linguistics, and sociolinguistics.

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